What is Most Suitable for a Wedding Bouquet

Choosing the flower bouquet for the wedding can be a daunting experience. Weddings mark the beginning of a new era into someone’s life. It feels the right thing to do and making the even memorable is the ultimate desire of an event planner, the bride, the groom, and the families involved. If anything goes a little wrong even if it is a wedding hand bouquet, it can create some stress. Given below are some of the tips, which can assist in making the process smoother and in the selection of right flowers:

-The wedding bouquet is an integral part of the wedding detail, and it is very important to select the perfect one. Some of the cultures symbolize the wedding bouquet with the luck and fertility. It is not simply a bunch of some wedding flowers. The selection of the wedding bouquet can take into account various factors.

-A wedding bouquet is more like an accessory for the bride, which makes her overall dress prominent. It is important to make the selection based on the preference level taking into account the personality of the bride as well. The most amazing thing about flowers is that each flower has its meaning, for example, the red roses represent a symbol of love whereas the jasmine represents hope and romance. Lavender symbolizes luck and lily symbolizes wealth. It is possible to make a flower bouquet with a combination of amazing flowers highlighting the important aspects of personality.

-Make a budget and based on the budget make the selection. There is a huge variety of flowers available out there but by the one, which is reasonable for the pocket.

-Hiring a wedding florist can result in bringing the vision to life. They have the ability to take into consideration the budget and all the other important details like the color scheme and come up with the best possible solution. A florist can make the best selection of the flowers. It is important to read reviews about a certain florist before hiring them for the final occasion. There is sometimes tough decision for example, whether to prefer the garden roses or the gladiola. Under such circumstances, a florist can guide.

-It is important to match the bouquet with the dress of the bride. The wrong selection is likely to stay in the photos for years, which can be a source of embarrassment every time when that picture is on display.

-Monochromatic bouquets can be perfect for someone looking for a white theme. There is wildflower bouquet for the wildflower arrangements.

-Cascading bouquets are going to be ideal for a taller bride and pastel bouquet can be great for the petite brides. It is important to make a wise selection based on size.

-A bride who focuses on symbolism should select the flowers accordingly. Every flower conveys a meaning, for example, dandelion represents happiness. Gardenia signifies joy, and pink rose, which is pale signifies the grace and joy.

-The selection of the flowers also reflects the overall theme of a wedding. For a formal wedding, centerpiece vessels and tidy arrangements are vital.

-The kind of flowers to pick out for a wedding bouquet also depends on the wedding season. The flowers, which are out of season, are difficult to find.








The Best Celebrity Wedding Events and Why They Were Good

Celebrity Wedding Events

An average wedding costs around $30,000. And with such a budget, you can rent a suitable venue, hire a band or a DJ, feed your friends and family and above all, dress to kill. But, what if you are a celebrity? You may think it’s easy, but, it’s not. As a celebrity, all eyes are on your wedding, and therefore, you will need to make the event outstanding. Fortunately, below is a list of celebrity wedding events and why they turned out to be great.

  1. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Four years later, nearly everyone still remembers this wedding. The venue of the wedding was in Florence, Italy. It was full of A-list guests from all over the world such as John Legend, Serena Williams amongst others. Her dress was gorgeous and outstanding. Moreover, the 15-carat engagement ring gifted by Kanye complimented her look. Indeed, this was a wedding to remember.

  1. Jenifer Aniston and Brad Pit

This couple spared no expense in their 1 Million Dollar wedding in Malibu. The idea of choosing a venue facing the Pacific Ocean was fantastic. The gown was beautiful too, and so was Brad Pit and the entire guests. The fireworks show in the evening made it a wedding to be remembered.

  1. Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia

If you have never heard of this couple, their wedding spent $66 million. It was a wedding of all times. Vanisha’s dad, the owner of ArcelorMittal, organized and facilitated the wedding of a lifetime for her daughter. He even rented out the Palace of Versailles. The guests were flown to Paris and were even given new phones. It was another wedding of its kind.

  1. Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade

The happy couple tied the knot at the Chateau Artisan in Miami. Gabrielle wore a stunning Dennis Basso gown. Wade, on the other hand, wore a white outfit. The entire Being Mary Jane family was there. The wedding was well customized.

  1. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

This by far is the best wedding in 2018. The wedding was attended by several other celebrities from all over the world. The royal wedding was well planned, and took place in the St. Georges Chapel in Windsor. Moreover, the overall cost was around 32 million euros. It was apparently another spectacular wedding.

Why These Weddings Turned Out To Be Great

  1. Wedding Planners

The main reason why celebrity weddings are always fantastic is that they hire professional wedding planners. A wedding planner can help make your dream wedding come true. Planning a wedding on your own on the other hand can be stressing. Therefore, hiring a professional planner will ensure everything falls into place.

  1. Heavy Budgets

The difference between a regular wedding and a celebrity wedding is the budget allocated. As you can see from the above weddings, some of them were worth more than $20 million. With that kind of budget, anything is possible.

  1. The Venues

The location of the wedding event determines whether a wedding will be fabulous or not. From the above weddings, however, you can comfortably conclude that the venues were strategically chosen.

  1. The Dressing

Celebrity weddings are fashion shows. Not only are the bride and groom dressed to impress, but so are the guests. A good example is the 15-carat wedding ring Kanye gave Kim. Therefore, the dressing makes a wedding more colorful and elegant.

These are among the best celebrity wedding events of our time. Weddings are special events, and celebrities really know how to make them unique. So if you are planning one, then it should be one of it its kind; the most memorable of its season.

Hotel Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning Tips

A wedding should be among the most memorable days not only to the newlyweds but also to the guests. However, planning it may not be a walk in the park, as it takes energy and time. Especially if the venue is a hotel, it may not be as easy as compared to doing it in a church. Most people, therefore, tend to avoid hotel weddings for they demand extra carefulness in planning. But not to worry, for this article is going to take you through the process and make the day a success.

While there are numerous factors to consider, below are the primary, that which should be put ahead of everything else in the planning. And now that you have settled on exchanging the vows in a hotel, I hope it will be incredible.

Tips on Planning a Hotel Wedding

  1. Book Early

Hotels are extremely busy business establishments, and if you are a person who does things late, then securing one for your special day might be a challenge. As such, you will need to book a venue as early as even two months before the actual date; this way, you will have ample time to plan and organize the other events.

  1. Know Your Budget.

It’s important to set up a budget so as not to compromise other things. For if you don’t have one, you might end up spending more on the booking and neglecting other vital items. With a budget, however, you will know how much to spend on reservations, and hence, the negotiations will be easy.

  1. Identify the Space and the Number of Rooms You Will Use

To avoid confusion, specify how much space you will need and the number of rooms you intend to keep. If you do not agree on this, you might end up finding that the hotel has allocated some rooms to other people, and this might paint a negative picture to your guests.

How to Set Up Inside a Hotel

The setting-up of the inside the hotel can be challenging, especially in the absentia of a wedding planner. Fortunately, this guide should help you navigate your way through the tedious process.

  1. Arranging of Chairs

Arranging the chairs in a horizontal manner (depending on the direction the venue is facing) with enough spacing in between them can work. This will leave enough space for people to pass when entering the place. But since you can also consider doing a table and chairs surrounding it, you might want to check with the reception, so as not to run out of space.

  1. Lighting Up

Often the hotel rooms may not have enough lighting, and if this is the case, then you should consider adding some. As such, you can arrange lighters in such a way that they form a floral shape. Nonetheless, use different lights in different rooms to make it spectacular.

  1. Customizing the Reception Furniture

To avoid confusion, it is best if you label the cards on each table; it will ensure that the wedding is appropriately organized.

  1. Flower Set Up

Doing floral chandeliers or floral archways can be ideal since the wedding is inside a building. Besides, you don’t want to choose flowers that do not match with the colors of the hotel, as this can contradict the wedding’s theme.

  1. Ensure That Everyone Can See the Front

Be considerate of the person who will be sitting at the furthest end, especially if you have done the horizontal arrangement. Therefore, come up with strategies which will ensure that everyone is comfortable.

With these tips, however, it should be that difficult to conduct your wedding in a hotel. But all said and done, remember your guests come first, so in everything you do, be mindful of how they will take it. And above, enjoy so that your day creates an impact in your lives.

Wedding Rules to Follow

know the rules

The wedding day is one of the most important days for couples. Also, it can be a great occasion for the attendees. Traditionally, there were plenty of wedding do’s that were a must for a wedding to be complete. With times, things have slowly changed. A lot of these rules have slowly come to lose their meaning. However, some of these traditions can never go out of style. Precisely, some apply to the couples and some to the guests. Let’s look at some of them as discussed in this article.


  1. Remember That It Is Your Special Day

This is a rule that involves both the bride and the bridegroom. The wedding day should be considered the most important at that time. As a bride and a groom, it is important if you make decisions by yourself. Relying on other people’s opinion can never be a good idea at all.


  1. Set A Budget and Stick With It

Planning a wedding can be challenging at times. Making decisions can be a bit hard where one might get confused especially on financial matters. One can end up overspending on many small and irrelevant items. As a result, the spending might go over budget resulting into wrong spending. Therefore, the only way to escape this is by staying organized and aware of the necessary places and right time to spend.


  1. Send an Invitation

Sending an invitation is a very important wedding rule especially in this era. If you are not planning to send an invitation, then there is no need of sending the save the date. This applies to whether you know the person you are inviting or not. At all time, ensure that you send both the save the date and the invitation. This ensures that visitors will be aware and sure of the invitation.


  1. Communicate Change in Plans

In everyday life situations, anything can happen at any time. You can make plans, but there are times that plans can change unexpectedly. Besides, moods can also change wherein a minute an activity can be fun and in the next second, one might get pissed off. For these reasons, it is important to notify the couples in advance supposing you have a reason of not attending. In an event where you are just feeling lazy, you don’t have a choice but to just attend especially if you had sent an RSVP.


  1. Put the Phones Away

In most weddings, photos are only taken by a hired photographer. As a guest, it is then not commendable to jump all over trying to capture photos yourself. This can ruin the picture perfect moment resulting in worst wedding pictures. Remember, this is not the right time for selfies, rather put your phone away and enjoy the ceremony.


  1. Check For plus-Ones

When invited to the wedding, it can be rude to tag along uninvited friends. If you have been invited alone, just don’t assume that the couples might have forgotten about your siblings or friend. Though invitations are different and some couples might invite massive people, some are with restrictions and it could be best if we pay attention to them to avoid ruining the special day.


In summary, wedding planning can be wearisome for many reasons. From securing a venue, wedding funds, to sending invitation cards among others, it can be very devastating. However, with good wedding rules, it does not always matter if it is the planning or the wedding day, but everything will fall into place. In turn, the couples can have the best time on their special day.

Why is Wedding a special occasion

The Special Day

The wedding is one of the most memorable events that can happen in a person’s life. But, before a couple decided to get married the first thing they always think of is the place where they will hold their wedding. The main reason a wedding venue matters are because it is the one that makes the event memorable. Besides, several things make the marriage to be seen as a special occasion.


Teaches Couples More about Love

When people love each other experiences typically some challenges regarding their affair. But, through a wedding, the couple learns how to love each other. Also, the marriage becomes special since it making the couples to be patient and kind.


It Is a Healthy Excise

When people wed, they live a healthy life afterward. At the same time, family members and relatives feel happier during the event. What the society also benefits from this event is seen as a bedrock of any organization that wants to be substantial.


Strengthens Family Bonds

The wedding ceremony is one of the few occasions that bring family members together. As such, the relationship between the family members becomes tighter. On the other hand, family members and relatives are also able to share happy moments with each other during this event.


Makes Kids Healthier

There is nothing that interests kids than seeing their dad and mom living happily together. Children will also become healthier when their parents provide them with a robust marital model. This means that a functional wedding is the basis through with a healthy family is created.


Makes the Couple to Grow Up

A wedding is a special occasion since it makes couples to grow faster. You usually mature after marriage since you have another person who is part of yourself and you can deal with her any time. The lessons that are learned after a wedding can be applied later in life. Unions are also viewed as special occasions since they make two souls feel that they are joined together for life. By so doing the two will be able to accomplish a lot in life.


Unites You with Someone Who Knows You Better

Unlike other events, a wedding is unique since it unities you with someone who knows you and will know you better. After the wedding, your companion will be able to understand your story better than anyone else. Although this might make you vulnerable, it’s good to have someone you can share your inner secrets with. This is someone who notices you.


It Opens Up Doors for Greater Things

No event can expose you to greater things rather than a wedding. That is why most couples consider it as a special occasion in their lives. To begin with, a wedding allows couples to do many things for God which were practically impossible when they were not yet married. Therefore, marriage opens new doors for couples who want to engage in many activities that are aimed at changing their lives and the society in general.


It Is a Divine Idea

The wedding is vital in life since it is considered to be a religious idea which stems from the Bible. When people are married, they have the right to engage in sex which then results in procreation. Once a couple gives birth to children they are then able to continue their lineage and then live happily after that.