Hotel Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning Tips

A wedding should be among the most memorable days not only to the newlyweds but also to the guests. However, planning it may not be a walk in the park, as it takes energy and time. Especially if the venue is a hotel, it may not be as easy as compared to doing it in a church. Most people, therefore, tend to avoid hotel weddings for they demand extra carefulness in planning. But not to worry, for this article is going to take you through the process and make the day a success.

While there are numerous factors to consider, below are the primary, that which should be put ahead of everything else in the planning. And now that you have settled on exchanging the vows in a hotel, I hope it will be incredible.

Tips on Planning a Hotel Wedding

  1. Book Early

Hotels are extremely busy business establishments, and if you are a person who does things late, then securing one for your special day might be a challenge. As such, you will need to book a venue as early as even two months before the actual date; this way, you will have ample time to plan and organize the other events.

  1. Know Your Budget.

It’s important to set up a budget so as not to compromise other things. For if you don’t have one, you might end up spending more on the booking and neglecting other vital items. With a budget, however, you will know how much to spend on reservations, and hence, the negotiations will be easy.

  1. Identify the Space and the Number of Rooms You Will Use

To avoid confusion, specify how much space you will need and the number of rooms you intend to keep. If you do not agree on this, you might end up finding that the hotel has allocated some rooms to other people, and this might paint a negative picture to your guests.

How to Set Up Inside a Hotel

The setting-up of the inside the hotel can be challenging, especially in the absentia of a wedding planner. Fortunately, this guide should help you navigate your way through the tedious process.

  1. Arranging of Chairs

Arranging the chairs in a horizontal manner (depending on the direction the venue is facing) with enough spacing in between them can work. This will leave enough space for people to pass when entering the place. But since you can also consider doing a table and chairs surrounding it, you might want to check with the reception, so as not to run out of space.

  1. Lighting Up

Often the hotel rooms may not have enough lighting, and if this is the case, then you should consider adding some. As such, you can arrange lighters in such a way that they form a floral shape. Nonetheless, use different lights in different rooms to make it spectacular.

  1. Customizing the Reception Furniture

To avoid confusion, it is best if you label the cards on each table; it will ensure that the wedding is appropriately organized.

  1. Flower Set Up

Doing floral chandeliers or floral archways can be ideal since the wedding is inside a building. Besides, you don’t want to choose flowers that do not match with the colors of the hotel, as this can contradict the wedding’s theme.

  1. Ensure That Everyone Can See the Front

Be considerate of the person who will be sitting at the furthest end, especially if you have done the horizontal arrangement. Therefore, come up with strategies which will ensure that everyone is comfortable.

With these tips, however, it should be that difficult to conduct your wedding in a hotel. But all said and done, remember your guests come first, so in everything you do, be mindful of how they will take it. And above, enjoy so that your day creates an impact in your lives.