The Best Celebrity Wedding Events and Why They Were Good

Celebrity Wedding Events

An average wedding costs around $30,000. And with such a budget, you can rent a suitable venue, hire a band or a DJ, feed your friends and family and above all, dress to kill. But, what if you are a celebrity? You may think it’s easy, but, it’s not. As a celebrity, all eyes are on your wedding, and therefore, you will need to make the event outstanding. Fortunately, below is a list of celebrity wedding events and why they turned out to be great.

  1. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Four years later, nearly everyone still remembers this wedding. The venue of the wedding was in Florence, Italy. It was full of A-list guests from all over the world such as John Legend, Serena Williams amongst others. Her dress was gorgeous and outstanding. Moreover, the 15-carat engagement ring gifted by Kanye complimented her look. Indeed, this was a wedding to remember.

  1. Jenifer Aniston and Brad Pit

This couple spared no expense in their 1 Million Dollar wedding in Malibu. The idea of choosing a venue facing the Pacific Ocean was fantastic. The gown was beautiful too, and so was Brad Pit and the entire guests. The fireworks show in the evening made it a wedding to be remembered.

  1. Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia

If you have never heard of this couple, their wedding spent $66 million. It was a wedding of all times. Vanisha’s dad, the owner of ArcelorMittal, organized and facilitated the wedding of a lifetime for her daughter. He even rented out the Palace of Versailles. The guests were flown to Paris and were even given new phones. It was another wedding of its kind.

  1. Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade

The happy couple tied the knot at the Chateau Artisan in Miami. Gabrielle wore a stunning Dennis Basso gown. Wade, on the other hand, wore a white outfit. The entire Being Mary Jane family was there. The wedding was well customized.

  1. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

This by far is the best wedding in 2018. The wedding was attended by several other celebrities from all over the world. The royal wedding was well planned, and took place in the St. Georges Chapel in Windsor. Moreover, the overall cost was around 32 million euros. It was apparently another spectacular wedding.

Why These Weddings Turned Out To Be Great

  1. Wedding Planners

The main reason why celebrity weddings are always fantastic is that they hire professional wedding planners. A wedding planner can help make your dream wedding come true. Planning a wedding on your own on the other hand can be stressing. Therefore, hiring a professional planner will ensure everything falls into place.

  1. Heavy Budgets

The difference between a regular wedding and a celebrity wedding is the budget allocated. As you can see from the above weddings, some of them were worth more than $20 million. With that kind of budget, anything is possible.

  1. The Venues

The location of the wedding event determines whether a wedding will be fabulous or not. From the above weddings, however, you can comfortably conclude that the venues were strategically chosen.

  1. The Dressing

Celebrity weddings are fashion shows. Not only are the bride and groom dressed to impress, but so are the guests. A good example is the 15-carat wedding ring Kanye gave Kim. Therefore, the dressing makes a wedding more colorful and elegant.

These are among the best celebrity wedding events of our time. Weddings are special events, and celebrities really know how to make them unique. So if you are planning one, then it should be one of it its kind; the most memorable of its season.