Wedding Rules to Follow

know the rules

The wedding day is one of the most important days for couples. Also, it can be a great occasion for the attendees. Traditionally, there were plenty of wedding do’s that were a must for a wedding to be complete. With times, things have slowly changed. A lot of these rules have slowly come to lose their meaning. However, some of these traditions can never go out of style. Precisely, some apply to the couples and some to the guests. Let’s look at some of them as discussed in this article.


  1. Remember That It Is Your Special Day

This is a rule that involves both the bride and the bridegroom. The wedding day should be considered the most important at that time. As a bride and a groom, it is important if you make decisions by yourself. Relying on other people’s opinion can never be a good idea at all.


  1. Set A Budget and Stick With It

Planning a wedding can be challenging at times. Making decisions can be a bit hard where one might get confused especially on financial matters. One can end up overspending on many small and irrelevant items. As a result, the spending might go over budget resulting into wrong spending. Therefore, the only way to escape this is by staying organized and aware of the necessary places and right time to spend.


  1. Send an Invitation

Sending an invitation is a very important wedding rule especially in this era. If you are not planning to send an invitation, then there is no need of sending the save the date. This applies to whether you know the person you are inviting or not. At all time, ensure that you send both the save the date and the invitation. This ensures that visitors will be aware and sure of the invitation.


  1. Communicate Change in Plans

In everyday life situations, anything can happen at any time. You can make plans, but there are times that plans can change unexpectedly. Besides, moods can also change wherein a minute an activity can be fun and in the next second, one might get pissed off. For these reasons, it is important to notify the couples in advance supposing you have a reason of not attending. In an event where you are just feeling lazy, you don’t have a choice but to just attend especially if you had sent an RSVP.


  1. Put the Phones Away

In most weddings, photos are only taken by a hired photographer. As a guest, it is then not commendable to jump all over trying to capture photos yourself. This can ruin the picture perfect moment resulting in worst wedding pictures. Remember, this is not the right time for selfies, rather put your phone away and enjoy the ceremony.


  1. Check For plus-Ones

When invited to the wedding, it can be rude to tag along uninvited friends. If you have been invited alone, just don’t assume that the couples might have forgotten about your siblings or friend. Though invitations are different and some couples might invite massive people, some are with restrictions and it could be best if we pay attention to them to avoid ruining the special day.


In summary, wedding planning can be wearisome for many reasons. From securing a venue, wedding funds, to sending invitation cards among others, it can be very devastating. However, with good wedding rules, it does not always matter if it is the planning or the wedding day, but everything will fall into place. In turn, the couples can have the best time on their special day.